Gaydos Flooring

image of business Gaydos Flooring

5.0 / 5 stars, out of 1 reviews

2676 Ridge Rd
Elverson, PA 19520

Phone: (610) 873-2107

Review Summary

Gaydos Flooring is a highly reputable company specializing in carpet installation and flooring services. With a perfect rating of 5.0, customers can trust that they will receive exceptional service and quality workmanship. Located at 2676 Ridge Rd, Elverson, PA 19520, Gaydos Flooring is conveniently accessible to residents in the area.

One satisfied customer had the pleasure of working with Gaydos Flooring for their kitchen remodel. They were referred to the company by a friend who is a tile installer, which speaks volumes about the company’s excellent reputation within the industry. The customer was specifically in need of new countertops, and they were not disappointed.

They describe their experience as hitting the jackpot, and it’s easy to see why. Gaydos Flooring, led by Laura, provided outstanding service from start to finish. The customer was impressed by the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the team.

The installation process was seamless, and the end result exceeded their expectations. The new countertops not only added a fresh and modern look to their kitchen but also enhanced its functionality. The customer was thrilled with the transformation and expressed their gratitude for the exceptional work done by Gaydos Flooring.

For anyone in need of carpet installation or flooring services, Gaydos Flooring is the go-to company. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship set them apart from the competition. Whether it’s a small residential project or a larger commercial endeavor, Gaydos Flooring can be trusted to deliver outstanding results.

Contact Gaydos Flooring today at (610) 873-2107 to discuss your carpet or flooring needs. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of service and the beautiful transformation they can bring to your space.

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Ramsey Builders

image of business Ramsey Builders

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 2 reviews

Elverson, PA 19520

Phone: (610) 310-0619

Review Summary

Ramsey Builders has received a total of 2 reviews. Unfortunately, both reviews have given them a rating of 1.0, indicating a very poor experience with this contractor. This is concerning for potential customers who are looking for reliable and trustworthy contractors in the Elverson, PA area.

The first review mentions that the reviewer had the worst experience with any contractor in the last 10 years. The contractor was primarily working on demo and tiling of two bathrooms, but the outcome was described as disastrous. This is definitely not the kind of feedback one would hope for when hiring a contractor for such important and intricate tasks.

The second review highlights that Jeff, the remodeler at Ramsey Builders, may have been competent in the past. However, the reviewer mentions that there have been many negative reviews since 2015, indicating a decline in the quality of work. This is a significant red flag for potential customers who are looking for consistent and reliable service.

Based on these reviews, it seems that Ramsey Builders may not be the best choice for general contracting, cabinetry, or flooring services. It is important for customers to have confidence in the skills and abilities of their contractors, and unfortunately, the reviews for Ramsey Builders do not inspire confidence.

Customers in the Elverson, PA area should consider exploring other options and conducting thorough research before making a decision about hiring Ramsey Builders for their construction or remodeling needs.

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