Interior Touch

image of business Interior Touch

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 1 reviews

407 Chestnut St
Atlantic, IA 50022

Phone: (712) 243-5435

Review Summary

The Interior Touch is a business located at 407 Chestnut St in Atlantic, IA 50022. They specialize in carpeting, flooring, and cabinetry. However, based on a review, it seems that their customer service is severely lacking.

The reviewer states that they would not recommend this business to anyone due to their poor customer service. Unfortunately, the review does not provide any specific details about the incident, but it is clear that the experience was negative.

When it comes to choosing a business for carpeting, flooring, or cabinetry needs, customer service is an important factor to consider. It is crucial for businesses to provide a positive and satisfactory experience for their customers, as it can greatly impact their reputation and success.

Based on this review, it would be wise to explore other options for carpeting, flooring, and cabinetry needs in the Atlantic, IA area. It is always important to choose a business that values their customers and prioritizes excellent customer service.

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Ryan’s Flooring

image of business Ryan

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 1 reviews

1008 E 9th
Atlantic, IA 50022

Phone: (541) 892-2923

Review Summary

Ryan’s Flooring received a rating of 1.0 based on a single review. The reviewer expressed frustration with the lack of responsiveness from the business. Despite promises to return calls, Ryan’s Flooring failed to follow through. Additionally, the reviewer mentioned that when they did manage to speak with Ryan, he would boast excessively about his own abilities.

Eventually, an appointment was scheduled, but the reviewer encountered further issues. They provided detailed written instructions, but it seems that their requirements were not fully understood or met by Ryan’s Flooring.

Overall, the reviewer’s experience with Ryan’s Flooring was disappointing and left them dissatisfied with the level of professionalism and communication. It is important for businesses to prioritize responsiveness and ensure clear understanding of customer needs in order to provide a satisfactory service.

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