Bresky Siding & Building Repair

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 4 reviews

Kinde, MI 48445

Phone: (989) 529-8167

Review Summary

Bresky Siding & Building Repair has a 1-star rating based on 4 reviews. They offer services in roofing, siding, and general contracting. The company is located in Kinde, MI 48445 and can be reached at (989) 529-8167.

Unfortunately, the reviews for Bresky Siding & Building Repair are overwhelmingly negative. One reviewer mentioned that they were quoted a price and lead time of 2-3 weeks to install in May. Despite Bresky being more expensive, the reviewer decided to go with them based on the promised lead time. However, Bresky failed to deliver on their promise, causing frustration and disappointment.

Another reviewer had an even worse experience with the company. They hired Bresky for a remodel job, but it turned into a disaster. The work done by Bresky was so poor that it cost the reviewer thousands of dollars to have it redone by someone else. This is a significant financial loss and a clear indication of the company’s lack of professionalism and competence.

A third reviewer stated that they had a similar experience with Bresky. They showed samples and accepted the scope of work with a quote emailed by Derek. The company assured them that they would start on May 10th, but they never showed up or even bothered to call. This lack of communication and reliability is extremely disappointing and unprofessional.

Based on these reviews, it is evident that Bresky Siding & Building Repair is not a trustworthy or reliable company. Their failure to meet deadlines, poor quality of work, and lack of communication have caused significant inconvenience and financial loss to their customers. It is highly recommended to avoid hiring this company for any roofing, siding, or general contracting needs.

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