A&M Home Improvement

image of business A&M Home Improvement

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 1 reviews

Garwood, NJ 07027

Phone: (908) 821-7282

Review Summary

A&M Home Improvement is a general contractor based in Garwood, NJ. With a rating of 1.0 and only 1 review, their reputation seems to be less than satisfactory.

The reviewer had a negative experience with A&M Home Improvement, stating that they were very unreliable and kept changing their appointment time. This lack of consistency may be due to a lack of insurance, which is concerning for potential clients.

When it comes to home improvement projects, reliability and professionalism are crucial. Clients want to work with contractors who are dependable and able to stick to their commitments. Unfortunately, based on this review, it seems that A&M Home Improvement may not meet these expectations.

It’s important for contractors to have proper insurance coverage to protect both themselves and their clients. Without insurance, there can be significant risks and liabilities involved in the event of accidents or damages during the project. Clients should be cautious when considering A&M Home Improvement for their home improvement needs.

Overall, this review raises concerns about the reliability and professionalism of A&M Home Improvement. Potential clients should carefully consider these factors before deciding to work with this contractor.

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Angi Home Improvement

image of business Angi Home Improvement

1.5 / 5 stars, out of 9 reviews

352 Myrtle Ave
Garwood, NJ 07027

Phone: (973) 896-4656

Review Summary

Angi Home Improvement, formerly known as Angie’s List, used to be a reliable site for finding service providers. However, the recent changes have made it a frustrating experience for users. Instead of simply providing a list of service providers, the site now has a convoluted interface that makes it difficult to navigate.

One reviewer expressed their disappointment with the site, giving it a rating of 2 out of 5. They mentioned that they used to like Angie’s List, but not anymore. They found the new interface confusing and frustrating to use. It seems that the changes have made it harder for users to find the service providers they need.

Another reviewer had a negative experience with Angi Home Improvement, giving it a rating of 1 out of 5. They contacted the site against their better judgement and regretted it. They mentioned that they had poor results in the past with similar services, but decided to give Angi a chance. Unfortunately, they were disappointed once again, indicating that the site did not live up to their expectations.

One of the major issues mentioned by a reviewer is the excessive spamming and unwanted communication from Angi Home Improvement. After requesting an online quote through the website, the reviewer received an overwhelming amount of emails, texts, and even phone calls at inconvenient times. This intrusive behavior is not only annoying but also unprofessional.

Overall, the reviews paint a negative picture of Angi Home Improvement. With a low rating of 1.5 out of 5 and multiple complaints about the website’s interface and spamming practices, it seems that the site has lost its credibility and reliability. Potential users should be cautious and consider alternative options for finding service providers.

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