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What is up everyone, this is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we will be doing a review on the anymore handheld garment steamer. And a tagline for this product is remove Renkos from close anytime. So, uh, we shall see about that in the product demonstration. So as you can see, this box came like this and [inaudible] kinda got a little bit dinged up from shipping. What have you, I mean, nothing from the company’s fault, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the three 60 around his box. So this is kind of like the front of it and uh, this is kinda like the sigh and Harold as some of the parameters, uh, with this product, uh, 110 hundred 20 boats for the U S and so on and so forth. So you, if you feel like pausing does video just to kinda like, you know, look at, you know, the specs, here’s the specs for it and I’ve, this is those theme grams per minute.

So 14 to 22 grams permitted, uh, the more, the better I believe. Um, and then, so let’s go ahead and turn the spots around. So this is just the other side of it. And on this side it looks like, you know, just more tagline wrinkle-free clothes in minutes. And it looks like a, there was a couple of different options that you can choose from. I guess you could choose between a white and green one. And this is just I guess the U S and European voltage. Uh, so in our case, the one I think we will be looking at is the white one, uh, from, of course, from this check Mark over here. And then this is from the top. Um, and uh, this is, I guess when I’m turning this around in case you guys are curious. So this is the skew, uh, for this product.

And let’s see what’s on the bottom. So bottom looks like that. So, all right, so next thing what we’ll do is, uh, we will go ahead and then box this and see what’s inside. All right, so welcome DDR unboxing portion of this view. So while we’re, can I go ahead and unbox this and see what’s inside a box? I’m just going to turn this around. It looks, it’s pretty simple. Just pull this tab open, open it. Uh, it looks like there was some carbon. So we’re going to take that out. It looks like some instruction manual should you need it. Let’s see. So this is the front operation and reading manual. So in case you need needed a model numbers Y F dash one six eight desktop, a handheld Garmin cleaner we’ll be using and you know, just lots of jibberish. And if you guys want to read fruit, this, um, you know, some parts identification, blah, blah. Again, just want to, if you feel free to pause the video, you need to, uh, read through this.


There are some cautionary stuff and then in the back, a troubleshooting steamer, the you need it

all. So, uh, that’s, that’s the uh, operating manual. Let’s move on. Uh, so this is, looks like a little, a little packet. I guess that a little bag that you can, uh, put your steamer in for travel and whatnot. That’s free. That’s a nice touch. Uh, I do like that it looks like a little traveling kit that you can bring along. All right, so here comes kind of like the, a star of the moment, which is the actual product, the, uh, you know, handheld farming cleaner by anymore. Um, so this, this just the, let me just remove the plastic. All right, so let’s say here’s the steamer and uh, you know, simple electrical cord, uh, pretty simple it and, uh, I guess maybe this lights up, so we’ll see. We’ll check that out when, uh, in a product demonstration part of it. Um, so I mean it looks pretty simple, right?

I mean like the design kind of dictates you to be like, all right, this looks like, you know, probably you hold it like that over trigger it down. And that’s how you remove the steam. And this is, I believe is the water brush before where you will put water in it to create your steam. Uh, so this is kinda the steamer. It looks like there’s still some plastic attached to it, so I’ll need to remove that. Um, so, all right, so in the next portion of video is a, I will kind of like, you know, plugged this in and uh, just see before we get to the product demonstration of this review, uh, there are some prep work that you need to do, uh, you know, in terms of getting, you know, this steamer to work. And one of the thing that, uh, we need to talk about is, you know, filling the water tank up with water.

So, um, to uh, get this water tech, I was pretty simple. You just kind of like turn it, uh, you know, in a direction. Uh, I think that was a clockwise. We should kind of clockwise it comes off. Uh, and then, so basically you have a max line, so, uh, in per instruction you don’t want your water could be above the max line. So I’m tilting and angle kind of hard to see. So, um, it might be kind of hard to see, but just make sure that like your water does not go above the max line. Uh, the instruction manual made that very clear and make sure the water is a distill water. Uh, so just make sure of that. So, um, just want to show you guys, so I did, did some reading earlier. So, uh, just make sure that is to still water and, uh, you don’t feel over at a max line, which is about 140 milliliter.

So go ahead and you know, go to your Google and you know, finding, uh, English metric for that, uh, whatever. I wanted your 40 milliliters and, and then once you have the water in and it’s pretty easy just to kind of get this in place. Just kinda take that, oops, maybe that was the wrong angle. Yep. So you do that, turn it back in and now you’re good. So in the next part we can, uh, you know, uh, duty a product demonstration. All right, so welcome to the a product demonstration part of this review. So, uh, just real quick, uh, you, I am not sure if the camera can pick it up, but there is kind of like a green light around, does a steaming a symbol. So when you first plug it in, this might not be green, this might be in red. So basically what that tells you is, uh, the steamer is not quite ready. So after you plug it in, it’s going to take about, I don’t know, 10 to 15 seconds and this light will turn green. So when it turns green is ready, uh, for you to use the steamer. So right now we’re going to have, I’m going to bring up my wife’s, uh, one of the garment that she have that’s kinda like wrinkle. I think like down here you can see us kind of Rinko. Um, so I’m going to steam it,

the press it, and I’m not sure if the camera can pick it up, but I am steaming it. You might hear some puffing noises. I may need to just kind of like push yourself at this up, right for the water to really pick up. Yeah. So as you can see, like this part right here, that’s kind of Rinko. So I’m going to give you some love over here. Yeah, you could certainly see us starting to de Ranko. So this is kind of like perfect if you go like traveling in a hotel,

but yet you know, your life is [inaudible]

pretty much any hotel, whatever, just might be really great. Yeah. He could start to see, really start to see it, the wrinkling. She can see this was really wrinkle earlier. You could see you starting to go away now. And this was what, this was in the closet for quite a bit. He was actually in a drawer. Oh, he didn’t draw, I’ll hold it up. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Hold it up as a drawer can make it. Yeah. And that’s my wife in the background talking. So this is proud of abuse. So yeah, you can see, she can see, I’m going to put it down just a little bit. All right. I’m going to stop

and just do a quick comparison so she can see this is a what, not not bad. Right. Quite good. Right. Good. Okay, cool. Yeah. So that, so this is basically a product demonstration of the steamer, uh, the, uh, anymore steamer. And, uh, in terms of tear down, just be careful that after you unplug it, make sure that this part is really hot. So make sure that you give us some time to cool down before you, you know, put it back in the bag or in a suitcase or wherever, you know, you, you, you want to put this back in. So just be, just make sure that this part is cool. So, uh, that pretty much concludes our review on the, uh, anymore. Um, you know, karmic a steamer and I hope you guys enjoy the video. I hope you guys learned something from this product. And I definitely, uh, if you guys enjoy my video, definitely, you know, like comment and most of us subscribe to your channel. That would mean a lot to me. So other than that, mr. Product reviews out.