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What is up everyone. This is your boy Mr.. Product reviews. And today we will be doing a review on the Alienware 5 10 H gaming is also seven point one sorry seven point one gaming headset. Our headphone. So as you can see this is still in this plastic. So in the next portion I will remove this plastic and then I will do a quick 360 around the box.

All right. So as you can see I got the plastic removed and I now let’s do a quick 360 around the box.

And so this is the front of it and seven point one surround sound and it looks like is this core certified and you can kind of see the Alienware logo over here I don’t know if the cam will pick it up but you can kind of see it and hoping you have cool little embossed around a box that has pretty nice Alienware 5 10 inch seven point one gaming headset and let’s see what’s on the side. So the side is pretty simplistic too. I don’t know what that says 0 5. Yes that’s 5 10 H on it. So this is the size of the box and what’s behind it. See. So just you know lots of features and stuff like that. So I would just kind of like move this top to bottom. Feel free to pause the video should you want to look like a USP headphone jack.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. More technical information. And.

So this is the side of it. The other side of it. So you’ve got the seven point one the frequency range USP three point five Jack fifty. Mm mm. Not sure what this is but I guess we’ll find out what’s on the bottom. So just you know some technical information skews and what have you.

So here you go. This is a quick around around the box in the next part. I will. And box it and then we’ll see what’s inside. Welcome DDA unboxing part of this video and the on passing part is pretty simple actually to you quickly on box. This is there’s a little kind of like tab over here. And then you just kind of strip it from left to right and then it pretty much after that you can pretty much easily pull out the box. So I’m going to put a box just like this.

And what’s inside. Let’s check it out. So like so I put it front and back. And so this is kind of like what’s look what it looks like inside so that’s a headphone and this sort of fell off.

So we’ll kind of go through this you know in here to see what’s what kind of stuff is in here I’m kind of curious. Probably like the instruction manual. I just broke open a box. Oh well thank you. So let’s say so comes with this and I’ll say Alienware card. So you could follow them and I don’t know why I have so many ways or so many.

Gear up throw down. So thank you for joining us. Family part. I don’t know I have to Why do I have to anyway I guess when you could give one to your friends I guess.

Oh yeah. Yep. Technical jargon legalities stuff which I don’t read. So I don’t think most people read any of this stuff anyway. So again just lots of stuff. Like that. Most of us don’t care about is like can you get the product demonstration ready. Damn it. Right. OK. Sorry. So I just wanted to give you guys a complete overview of what’s inside.

So this is the product when I see it. Is it easy to take it out. Oh there’s something always there seems little tap here. So be very careful with it.

So from tap here I’m going to take these styrofoam tapped out real quick. Yeah just hold a camera. I mean holy headphone. So there you go.

This is the headset. I haven’t. I don’t know anything about this headset.

I got this as a Christmas gift from my and my buddy. But I thought I should do a review on it.

I’m don’t with this thing. Oh this this is a button. I don’t know what this does yet but I. I’m sure. Oh I see. Oh I see this is like maybe I can. Oh I see. So this is like a microphone. It comes out. Yeah. Microphone and comes out push it back in. For the time being.

I usually just you know I came by myself.

I don’t usually game online Alienware logo. Be careful.

It isn’t plastic. I could pull off.

Yeah. So you a logo on the side it’s pretty nice. Pretty nice. I guess some Cushing cushion sorry on a knee and the ear muff area here so big L to let you know.

Left Ear I assume they are OK. Yep got that right. So are left and right. So you know he can’t mess that up so you could kind of turn this too. So we’d like to know so you can really configure get config dust to your ear right.

Also do some do some styrofoam here and mess with these out soon so yeah probably yeah I’ll take it out later possibly. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be on there or not. And you know I think you can take this out. I have a hard time. Maybe I’ll take it out later but here you go. Had fun.

The actual product. The star of this review. I wonder if different eating out. I’m sure there is so. Oh yeah. So there’s like a little headphone jack a headphone icon here so be cognizant of that. So there’s that. Yeah. Like there’s more stuff down here. So let’s see what is in here. So yeah. You got the headphone jack.

From Jack. And again in this plastic the Alienware logo. So headphone jack. And what is this. Uh this is a headphone to us B Jack. And again in his plastics out this part out. Cool. And looks like this is like a split left hand right.

So I guess this is the seven point one so I guess there’s a lot of jack that needs to be plugged in so I guess what my next part is I’m going to just kind of like hold this up on my computer to find out what’s the deal yo and check out the sound quality and in everything else and I will report back.

All right. So I basically hope this headphone up to my Alienware P.C. and eye view. Are you interested in a Alienware P.S. I also did a video on Dad so you know just can’t you know scroll for my channel you should be able to see my review on the alien P.C. tower that I did a review on. I think probably I don’t know six months ago or so or probably longer than that but despairs really well this. Amy I wear headphones that my my buddy gave me. I’m so I did a couple of tests so one I did a test on a kind of like you know on a video game that’s you know indie title that probably doesn’t have all the bells and whistles compared to you know the triple games.

So I did a test on that and then I ran another test running Borderlands 3 which you know seven point one surround sound and just to see you know how that compares. And also I also did a test on just you know using this headphone to you know just watch the movie lay on Netflix or what have you. Just to kind of compare to see kind of like what kind of experience I get. And first of all you know if you’re playing games or you’re watching movies or whatever you know you guys spend a lot of time right having this headphone you know on top of your head. And how does it feel right. And this this just happened was very I mean it’s very lightweight. I mean don’t let the size fool you it might look heavy but it’s not that heavy so it’s really you know it’s just you know feels like there’s almost nothing on top of your head it’s really light in these little muff right here definitely help pushing your air so like for example a for myself I wear glasses as well.

So you know if you have some mouth that doesn’t you know if you have some ears or pieces that doesn’t have this muff here it’s gonna really pinch against the plastic. And plus you already have a frame you know around you know your glasses that’s gonna like you know basically pinches you know on you know around your temple area and it’s just not you know it doesn’t feel that good if you’re wearing a headset for prolonged period of time and this one because it’s light and it has these low cushioning you actually feels really really nice. I spent about two hours on this headphone and I just feel like very comfortable with it. And so when I was playing indie game you know with this headphone you know without all the bells and whistles of all the different audio settings that you get from like an indie game.

I didn’t find that big of a difference between a Bluetooth wireless headphone I’ve been using versus this one now. However when I used as on Borderlands 3 and I had the surround sound turned on and all that jazz I definitely feel there a difference with this pair of headphones compared to my Bluetooth headset. I mean the quality is day and night at least to me. So and then I and then I use this for movies and things like that and you know it to me I can’t really tell the difference between the two. I can’t really tell the difference between like my regular Bluetooth headset versus this one but if you have if you’re a cop I got like a audio file in you know sound really you know means a latte and you’re willing to pay for it.

You know I wanted to pay for that premium and that premium then this is the headphone that’s for you. I don’t I don’t think this headphone cost too much. I don’t think. Yeah I think it’s I could be wrong but I believe because this is a gift from my buddy I believe is around 100 ish a dollar for a headphone and to me you know for the sound quality that quality that you get and plus the brand name alienware is actually not that bad in my opinion you know. So you like the brand Alienware and you want the quality then I would say this is the headphones you go. But you know with the understanding that like you know you want to have games and and also movies and whatnot that half that’s seven point one capability because if you don’t have it then I would be like just get a decent headphone Bluetooth headphone and your good.

So you know what I recommend this. Yes I would recommend it if you are you know heavy into the whole seven point one off even 5.1 you know surround sound you know quality then I would say definitely go with that and also you’ve got to have the games and and movies or what have you that supports that. Right. Because if it doesn’t then I would say you know go for the cheaper version but you know this is a very good headphone like the fact that is lightweight as I mentioned before and it has these low air must be really you know fits nicely and then because it turns like that and also it kind of you kind of kind of has this little slight angle too so it fits very comfortable you know for you know on my head and you know everybody have a different you know head configuration everybody’s a little bit different right. So like this definitely helps with that. So yeah.

So basically this is my review on the Alienware five 10 H seven point one gaming headset and you know if you enjoyed his video please comment like and subscribe to Marciano. It would mean a lot to me. And if there’s any additional information such as where to buy this headphone and what not there’s going to be a you know links and information in the video description below of this video. So feel free to check those out as well. And I don’t need that. Thank you for watching Mr. product reviews out.

Product Description

  • Best-in-class custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz – 40Khz drivers for a high resolution Audio experience
  • 7. 1 Surround sound Featuring signature Alien ware immersive audio
  • Hybrid of plush memory foam, sports fabric and leatherette on the ear pads designed to achieve optimal cooling and comfort while enhancing noise isolation
  • Ideal clamp force ensures that there is no slippage during gameplay
  • Detachable USB connection provides cross-platform compatibility via a swappable 3. 5mm cable for use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo switch and mobile devices
  • Discord certification and tia-920 certification ensures crystal clear communication and voice quality