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Sentinel Plane Review – Hawk Freedom Squadron, Rank X, Level 240

Currently, the “Time is Matter” event is happening in Hawk Freedom Squadron.  Through opening chest, you have a chance to win the Sentinel plane which optimizes your contest run to win the Arcadia plane. You can watch my video review of the Sentinel plane here: Sentinel’s General Information Sentinel requires 120 cards to unlock.  Afterward, […]

Sac Anime 2019 Review (Sacramento, California)

NorCal Anime Fun for Anyone My first time at SacAnime was last January for their Winter 2018 convention. I really didn’t know what to expect for Northern California. Comic-Con has it all sewn up but is hardly user-friendly anymore. I liked it so much, I’m back again for Winter 2019. Why Sacramento? I wished to […]

Atelier Crenn Review (San Francisco, CA)

December 7, 2018, was a fortuitous evening at Atelier Crenn, but we wouldn’t know this until the next day. My husband, Kenn, has a few hobbies and the most expensive, albeit the most exquisite one, is fine dining. A very humble beginning for both us, combine with intentionally living beneath our means, allows us to […]

Sparthos Back Support Belt (Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Scoliosis) Review

Written review coming soon, below is my video review on Sparthos Back Support Belt, enjoy!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review (unbox, first 15 minutes gameplay)

Written review coming shortly.  In the meantime, here’s my video review below:

Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 Review (STEB8000100)

For the folks who prefer to watch my review, video below: My History with Seagate Hard Drives To date, I have owned 9 Seagate hard drives from internal to external of various sizes.  I go between Western Digital and Seagate for the most part based on price in the past.  The last few years my preference […]

Optimizing TRU Niagen NAD+ Supplement with Red Light Therapy Review

Overlooked Companion Therapies: NAD+ and Photobiomodulation. I’m diving deep into the science of NAD+ Supplement, Photobiomodulation, and I end this article with exactly why they are resoundingly good together. This is exciting and very relevant in the optimal health revolution. Reaching and Achieving. This is biochemistry. It’s a dense subject. As I go along I’ve […]

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