The Claims and Promises of Simple Wifi Profits System

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Simple Wifi Profits created by Chris Eom and Andrew Wright promises the following:

  • Simple 4-Step Formula Chris and Andrew Used To Transform Their Lives & Earn $127,677.37 in a Single Day
  • Little-Known 4-Step System That Has Helped Their Students Earn Up To $100,000.00 Week After Week
  • How To Get Started Without Risking More Than $5 Of Your Own Capital
  • How You Can Start Your Brand-New System With Just Your Spare Time & Zero Existing Experience
  • And So Much Much More!

In this review, we will go over each of the claims and see if they actually deliver or just a scam.  I took the liberty and watched the 2 hours and 44 minutes webinar so that you don’t have to and I’ll do my best to distill the essence of the webinar for you.

To date, the system claims to have earned $5.2 million:

$5.2 million earned from Simple Wifi Profits System


And both Chris and Andrew have spent over $3 million to perfect this system through developing, tweaking, and testing.


spent $3 million to perfect Simple Wifi Profits system


If I did my math right, they netted $2.2 million.  That is still a lot of money.  Some can even say they can retire from it.


If this System Works So Well, Why are They Revealing the System to the Public?

That’s a very good question, I too, share the same skepticism or cynicism as you have.  When Chris and Andrew did a pilot run on Simple Wifi Profits which they were charging $20,000 per student at the time, they soon realized they were hoarding this gold mine of information that can help a lot of people in making rents and bills.  There are many people that need help across the country and it just didn’t feel right hoarding this wealth for other folks like yourself.  This information can literally change people’s lives.  They realized that it is not about what you keep in life but about what you share, what you build, what you do to help others and that’s why they decided to share this information with the public.


Setting the Right Mindset for Simple Wifi Profits

Next up in the webinar, they discussed how it is not our fault for not being successful online.  Primary reasons are:

  • Lots of information out there that is actually setting you up to fail
  • Taught to be in our 9-to-5 job for 30 years and retire
  • Starting a business is tough
  • You have to be rich to make more money
  • You have to be smart
  • World tells us it is impossible
  • It’s too hard


In addition, there are gurus out that are teaching either outdated ways to make money or it just doesn’t work.

Guru doesn't work, Simple Wifi Profits


According to the webinar, the problem with these gurus are:

  • They are making money for themselves
  • Purposefully left out vital techniques so you can make money
  • They simply do not want to share the secret with you
  • To the point above, so you’ll keep paying them and hopefully, they’ll give you the secret sauce to making money


Another issue is that gurus would teach you something that is already extremely saturated in the marketplace which means more competition for you and less money in your pocket.  Examples of saturated business opportunities are Amazon, Shopify, dropshipping, and etc.

Or you have signed up to a system that you’re way over your head and that can be a multitude of skill sets that you lacked such as networking, technical, design, and/or marketing skills.  In the end, you felt discouraged because of too many moving parts, and ultimately be left with an empty bag of promises, and an empty wallet.

This is where the hosts turn this situation on its ear.  By creating an online business!  Here are the advantages they listed:

  • Not hard to do
  • Doesn’t require experience
  • Not risky
  • Don’t need a huge budget (only need $5)
  • Don’t need inventory


You need very little to get your online business going.


Does This Training Mean I’ll Make $5.2 Million?

I am extremely glad and grateful they identified the elephant in the room.  To set everyone’s expectations in this review.  There’s no guarantee of your results simply because:

  • Chris and Andrew do not personally know you
  • Chris and Andrew do not know how hard you work
  • Most people who start businesses fail due to various reasons as mentioned in the earlier part of this review


To me, those are fair points considered.  But…

The training can guarantee these are the same tactics Chris and Andrew are using today and have generated massive financial freedom and success for their students when they follow the system and tactics.


guarantee income - simple wifi profits system



Is this System Right for Me?

This system is designed for the following people:

  • If you have a job and would like more income on the side
  • If you want to replace your job and use this system full-time
  • If you are planning or considering working from home
  • If you are interested in building a long term business


Simple Wifi System intro slide


From the webinar slide, the system has resulted in over $6 million in sales.  Simple Wifi Profits has the potential to allow you to earn up to $10,000 simply working from home.  The slide claims that Chris and Andrew have been following this system for years and they still do this on a daily basis.  This is the first time Chris and Andrew are revealing this system to the public.


What is Simple Wifi Profits?

Simple Wifi Profits is a four-step system designed so that you can create your own profitable online business and earn $10,000 or more from home.  From the webinar, this system will earn you money in your spare time and will even earn you income when you’re not actively working on it.  This system is so powerful, it has resulted in almost $6 million in sales.


what is simple wifi profits


4 Simple Steps to Simple Wifi Profits

The steps are rather simple as the title has suggested.  To summarize:

  • Step 1 – Find a Big Problem
  • Step 2 – Find a Product (or a Solution)
  • Step 3 – Share the Product
  • Step 4 – Make Sales and Profit

4 simple steps - simple wifi profits


Let’s break it down…

Step 1 – Find a Big Problem

Not a normal problem, but a big problem that people constantly deal with on a daily basis.  And you want to provide a solution to them at the moment the problem shows up.   Chris and Andrew have spent $3 million on research on this topic.

The reason you want to find a big problem is that you know there will be a huge market for your solution.  According to Forbes, the top three categories that most people struggle with are health, wealth, and relationships.  Those are the biggest problems you should be focusing on.


health, wealth, and relationship categories - simple wifi profits


This is the part where the presenter wants us to think big.  You want to solve problems that people have worldwide so that it will be very difficult to saturate the market.  The second thing is you want the problem to be growing every year because that is a good indication that this problem will be staying around.  Therefore, your solution or product will be evergreen, which will sustain your business in the long term.  Lastly, you want to find a problem that is so bad that people want to pay you money to solve it right now.

This is the part where it gets interesting because Chris is going to tell us which niche made them $960,824.41 in 31 days.

how Chris and Andrew made 960k in 31 days - Simple Wifi Profits


Turns out the niche was weight loss, which satisfies all the conditions of big problems:

  • Worldwide issue
  • The market is growing every year
  • People would pay money to get rid of their weight


weight loss niche - simple wifi profits


Here are the data and reasons why Chris and Andrew think you should focus on the weight loss niche as well.  In 2016, over 1.9 billion adults were overweight.  Combine with data from, the weight loss industry is growing at 4% per year.


weight loss stats - simple wifi profits


Do you think this is a problem people want to solve immediately?  Chris and Andrew seem to think so.  In addition, obesity has a direct correlation to heart attack, diabetes, cancers, and musculoskeletal disorders.


obesity leading cause - simple wifi profits


According to Forbes, Americans have spent $159 billion on products related to obesity.  In 2012, people have spent $8 billion on Weight Watchers alone, which means there is $151 billion for the taking.  This is also the reason why Chris and Andrew are not afraid to share their secret sauce with the rest of the world.  The market is so huge, it is rather difficult to dominate the market, so why not share it.


“This industry is so huge, … we can all eat together and make money together”


Step 2 – Find a Product

Once you identify the problem, do you need to solve it personally?  You can probably stand to make more money if you own the product and sell it, but there are overheads and risks you have to additionally tack on.  For instance, going back to the weight loss example.  You might need to hire medical experts, writers, developers, and customer service representatives to accomplish your goals.  This will further eat into your profit margin, which means less money in your pocket.  The nice part of this system is that you can find someone else’s product and promote those instead, which leads to the next point…  In the webinar, the host mentioned the best place to find your products would be Clickbank because they have sold over 300 million digital products.


find products in clickbank - simple wifi profits


This is the part where Andrew will show you how to sign up for Clickbank.  You can watch the webinar here and follow his step-by-step instruction if you’re curious.

If you are planning to promote Clickbank products, some weight loss products pay up to 75% commission or higher.  The beauty with promoting Clickbank product is that once you made a sale, you get your commission and the product owner will handle the rest such as sign-up, customer support, and refunds.  Pretty easy, right?


Step 3 – Share the Product

Now that you identified a problem, and found a product that resolves the issue.  Next is to get that in front of people and share it.  Generating traffic to your offer.

One way to share your product is through Facebook.  You can share your products as such:

  • Share your product in your news feed
  • Leverage Facebook ads to target potential customers who have similar interest

setup facebook ads - simple wifi profit


In this section, the host will show you how to setup a Facebook Ads account.  This goes beyond the scope of this review, but if you like to follow along, you can sign up for the webinar and watch the demonstration there. In the end of the webinar, they will give you one of the Facebook campaigns that has generated $2 million dollars for them. Be sure to stick to the end of the webinar if you can.

Below is a roadmap on how many of their students started with $5 and grew earning to $3,000 a day:

Start with $5, make just one sale for $40
Reinvest $40, make $80 (only 2 sales)
Reinvest $80, make $200 (only 5 sales)
Reinvest $200, make $520 (only 13 sales)
Reinvest $520, make $1200 (only 30 sales)
Reinvest $1,200, make $3,000 (only 75 sales)
And so on…

invest roadmap - Simple Wifi Profits


The goal is to reinvest your initial profit creating a snowball effect.  As you can see, if you reinvest $1,200, your estimated earning is $3,000, and it keeps getting better from here.

The presenter also mentioned that as you start getting sales with your campaigns, Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) will start to see pattern and will further optimize your campaigns for more sales.  This will help you scale to $10,000 or more that much easier without doing too much work.


Facebook AI helps you scale your ads - Simple Wifi Profits


Here is how Facebook AI work according to the presenter.  John buys a product on Facebook.  The AI will look for millions of people that fit the profile of John.  Facebook will then promote your product to John’s lookalikes.  This is how Facebook can help you scale your online business.



Step 4 – Make Sales and Profits

The best part of the step is to make money.  From the traffic you generated, part of that will convert into paying customers and through which you get paid in the form of commissions.

Seeing is believing.  To demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, they invited Marissa, a student of Simple Wifi Profits, to show her income via Clickbank live in the webinar.


marissa earnings - simple wifi profits


At this point in the review, I want to let you know that if you have the necessary skillsets, you can deploy this strategy on your own without paying anything to Chris and Andrew.  But if you need help in finding the big problems and products to promote, please continue reading.


Who Created Simple Wifi Profits?

andrew wright, simple wifi profits system

Who is Andrew Wright?

Andrew Wright was a family outcast.  He grew up with a family that’s filled with doctors, accountants, and lawyers.  He was pressured to achieve like them. In fact, he was the underachiever in the family.  Before this, he drove a beat-up Honda and had a 2.7 GPA.  His school counselor told him that he’ll never amount to anything.  His family also said the same thing, but look at him now.  He did eventually made it to college, but he dropped out.

He went back to live with his parents.  One day, everything changed.  His dad got laid off of his job.  His family didn’t have any money, and his family was in dire need of help.  So Andrew stepped up, he started an online business, a dropshipping store, and he failed big time.  And he kept failing.  Eventually, he stumbled upon this business, Simple Wifi Profits.  He spent hundreds of hours in trial and errors, research, and sleepless nights trying to figure this out because his family needed his help.  Then something crazy happened.  Andrew finally started making money, making hundreds of dollars a day, growing that to thousands of dollars a day, and eventually over time he made $80,000.  Below is a screenshot of Andrew making $80,000 in 24 hours.  Note, this didn’t happen in day one, this took dedication and consistent work.

andrew wright income statement, simple wifi profits system


Long story short, he paid off his parent’s mortgage, and both his mom and sister work with Andrew now.



chris om, simple wifi profits system

Who is Chris Om?

Chris Om immigrated from South Korea at the age of 10 with nothing, only knew how to say, “hi”,  “how are you”, and “thank you” when he came to this country.  Chris had a much different path than Andrew.  Chris grew up in a traditional Asian household, got a corporate job, but was miserable.  He worked 80 hours a week, fought LA traffic to and from work, and with very little time for himself.  Eventually, he met Andrew.  In one of their meetings, Andrew turned his phone around and showed Chris how he made $300 in three minutes.  Since Chris hated his job and wanted an out, he asked Andrew to teach him the system.  Andrew said, “Listen, if you commit to doing this, I’ll show you what I’m doing.”

He quit his job, his family freaked out, but in the end, it all worked out to his favor.  To date, Chris and Andrew have made $5.2 million together.

On top of that, the duo have traveled to 55 countries, 127 islands, and 300 cities outside of the United States.

montage - simple wifi profits system



What Are the Requirements to Get Started With Simple Wifi Profits?

From the webinar, there are no special requirements needed.  Such as:

  • Don’t need a lot of experience
  • Don’t need technical skills
  • Don’t need a special background or high IQ
  • Don’t need to travel or leave your home
  • Don’t need an existing business
  • Don’t need a lot of money
  • Don’t need to work hours a day
  • Don’t need to talk to anyone
  • Don’t need to have clients or audience
  • Don’t need to sell to your family or friends
  • Don’t need your own physical or digital product
  • Don’t need special connections or permission
  • Don’t need to quit your existing job
  • Don’t need to spend years doing this to see results


Simple Wifi Profits no special requirements needed



Testimonials, What People Are Saying About Simple Wifi Profits


testimonial 1 Simple Wifi Profits

Jonathan Ly from Los Angeles, California is making money with the Simple Wifi Profits system.  Results may vary


testimonial 2, Matt Yi, Simple Wifi Profits

Matt Yi from Fullerton, California is making $300 a day.  Not a lot of money, but a typical person makes between $100-$200 per day doing hard work in his or her full-time job.  Can you imagine waking up in the morning and you have $300 in your bank account?  Results may vary


testimonial 3, Marissa Asperjan, Simple Wifi Profits

Marissa from Toronto, Ontario is making $2,400 a day.  Back story about Marissa, she reached her $10,000 month in 15 days.  Results may vary


Testimonial, Christopher Kim, Simple Wifi Profits

Christopher Kim from San Diego, California is making $5,000 a day from the system.  Results may vary


testimonials, James Yun, Simple Wifi Profits

James Yun, who spent $20,000 for this system, from Los Angeles California is making $40,000 a day.  That’s a rather large number for most people.  The webinar host did clarify that the goal is to reach $10,000 a month because that equates to $120,000 a year.  That’s like replacing a 9-to-5 job for most people.  Below is another screenshot on where James started and resulted in $10,000 a month in 16 days.  Results may vary

testimonial, james, simple wifi profits


During the webinar, Chris had James, one of his rockstar students, logged into his Clickbank account in realtime to show proof of the amount of money he is making with Simple Wifi System.  He is making over $100,000 per week.  Screenshot below:

live clickbank income, simple wifi profits


And here are the results from Andrew and Chris themselves:

testimonial, Andres and Chris, Simple Wifi Profits


Screenshots of earnings from students who started with spending $5 per day.  Results may vary

More screenshots of proven earnings - Simple Wifi Profits