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Internet Jetset Review, what is Internet Jetset System?

You’re here because you’re the kind of person who is looking for a solid payoff for investing your time.  You’re driven to learn a new skill and you keep at it.  And you work hard, persevering, while learning the ins and outs, until you get your dreams up and running.  I get this, I respect your effort, and I admire your due diligence...  because I get you. You’re my kind of person and I truly believe my Internet Jetset review will help guide you if this is right for you, but first, hear me out…

Internet Jetset is an online marketing training program which teaches you how to build up a perpetual income-generating business by promoting online products and services.  Your goal is driving online traffic (directing your customers) to these products and services, so when a customer makes a purchase you get a reward from the companies that sell them.  You see, when people buy because of your promotional efforts, you get paid, too.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, you’re learning a real skill (online marketing), and no, it’s not a scam. It’s real world skill and know-how that can take you far.  In writing about Internet Jetset review, I discovered an Internet Jetset student, here’s what he has to say about the course:

“I’m a student of the Internet Jetset System, I’m about 1 month into the program now while going to college getting my marketing degree…So far, I really enjoyed the course and is a great instructor.

In the videos, he really demonstrates his knowledge and expertise on internet marketing.  Be sure to have something to take notes with because John goes in-depth into each topic.  Some videos are so packed with content I have to watch it a few times to really understand the concept and principle because it is so different from what I learn in the textbook.”

– Quentin Tran, University Marketing Student & Internet Jetset Marketer

Image of John Crestani

Image of John Crestani

Internet Jetset review discovered this training program was created by John Crestani, a successful online entrepreneur, who has gained prominence with the success of Internet Jetset, and has been interviewed by renown media giants such as Forbes and Yahoo finance.

How does Internet Jetset work and why you want this!

While researching for Internet Jetset review, simply put, Internet Jetset works by tracking and measuring the rate of conversion (a.k.a. the rate of sales) of real customers who really buy products from  You receive your payment based on the rate of conversion (the rate of your sales) from your marketing promotions.  Sales = Pay. And you can sell many different products and services at the same time.  I have two sites up right now and I’m planning on a third next year.

Do you desire more control  in your life?  Wish to build your next big life step while you still keep your current job?  Seeking more options in life and in your streams of revenue?  Yes, you do?  Good!   Me too, and this is why you’ll want this program. I felt more confident having a road map and insider tips, so I wasn’t doing this all by myself.  With this program you’re not traveling alone.  I know this is a maverick move, and I’ve felt encouraged by the many others who have successfully taken the plunge.

Calming Your Fears.

Are you…

  • new to online marketing?
  • unsure how to go about this?
  • uncertain about which product or service to market?

Internet Jetset provides a strong set of exclusive training tutorials that guide you step-by-step as you’re gaining traction while learning this industry.  You’ll be applying the best strategies, and gaining momentum as you progress farther and farther into John’s video library.  The tutorials assume you are new to this and bring you up to speed on the marketing industry lingo as you are learning your new craft.  I found this immersive-learning kept challenging me each time I learned something new and upped my game.

Who succeeds with this?

Internet Jetset review found out that lots of people succeed with this program.  There are enough different areas and niche speciality products and services for you to find something  you actually like and would use yourself.  I strongly recommend you use anything you decide to market.  Your personal experience will deliver a from-the-hip, genuine feel that comes across in your marketing.  People will hear your real user experience voice, they will see the benefits of your products or services through your eyes, and they will feel the authenticity behind your product…  a product they’re already interested in… and this is all very compelling.

Kent Sayre has been massively successful applying the principles that you’ll learn, such as copywriting, data analysis, and research.  Now, Kent was already a successful marketer before he started this training course, but he was able to take his business to the next level, growing his revenues massively.  I was impressed that an established professional gained so much from this program.  As I studied and kept building my marketing know-how, I can see why he did.

Tyler Ellison had a small online marketing business of his own, but he wan’t making what he knew he could.  Then he signed up for John Crestani’s Internet Jetset.  He explains why he chose affiliate marketing, and specifically Internet Jetset.

“… I  can sell lots of volume of lots of products without having to deal with customer support; without having to deal with suppliers.  I got serious about good ad copywriting, how to improve conversions on landing pages; how to use different channels to get traffic.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to make enough money to be happy. A six-figure income is good.  This year I took my whole family on a family vacation; it was an all-expenses paid trip with plane flights for my family, my dad came; it was everyone.  I’ve done a lot more with you [John Crestani’s Internet Jetset] than I ever have on my best year.”

– Tyler Ellison, Veteran Internet Marketer

Frankly, I like being able to watch John’s training videos over and over so this vast well of info can really sink in.

And get this…  their Customer Success Rep always responded to my emails right away.  I didn’t wait more than 24 hours, usually much less, to get my questions answered.  There’s also an Internet Jetset forum so you can get help from your fellow students.  This program is solid and I’ve learned so much.

This system is a straightforward affiliate marketing business you can grow from anywhere you have a steady internet connection and a computer.  Anywhere.  And unlike other costs associated with starting and growing a new enterprise, this won’t cost you a lot of money.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it work?

So, here’s the basics:

As I mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a marketing approach that is based on the promoting of a product or service.  You, as an affiliate marketer, connect people to and promote a product or service to online customers who are searching for this  product or service.  Much like school fundraisers you did as a kid, for every item you sell you get to keep a little bit of the sale.  In this case, you get all of the commission, not your school.  Yep, your reward for connecting people, who’ve made a purchase, is a commission from the companies whose products or services you’ve promoted.

The process of affiliate marketing involves…

  • Signing up with the program.
  • Picking a product to promote.
  • Pasting your tracking code to your website.
  • Then you will wait for the customer to buy the product or service.
  • A commission will be paid to you when a customer buys the product or service.

John will teach you how to legally and ethically promote your chosen affiliate products or services.

Know nothing about affiliate marketing?  Never wrote an ad in your life?  Clueless of how to get people looking at your products or services?

Yeah, I felt that way, too.

You’ll learn about…

  • driving traffic to your site using different channels.
  • improving conversions on your landing pages.
  • copywriting and the powerful ways of marketing your products.


The Core of the Training:

The main part of the training program entails 12 modules. Each of the modules connects to multiple videos and a lot of extra training. This is a rich resource and you can mine deep.

The modules list:

  1. Online Business Blueprint
    This is the first module and it will introduce you to the affiliate marketing business, teach you how to generate traffic to your links, and explain the selection of products to recommend to potential buyers. And then it teaches you how to make the whole business system function automatically.
  2. Introduction to Internet Jetset
    Getting your foundation, this part provides a solid understanding of the essentials of your first affiliate promotion.
  3. Choosing Niche
    This section shares John’s story, what to consider in choosing a niche market, and how to research and choose products and services.
  4. Google
    Here you’ll learn how to generate traffic from Google through the use of search engine optimization (SEO).
  5. YouTube
    This is Gold!  This lesson explains how to generate traffic from YouTube.  This is a huge market. 
  6. Facebook
    Free is good.  Here you’ll discover how to generate free traffic from Facebook through this 45 minutes video.
  7. Your Website
    I needed this checklist for my website.  Here you’ll get a guideline of all that you need in order to create a website on wordpress.
  8. Basics of Copywriting
    Need to be persuasive?  Wish to get into the head of your customers?  New to copywriting?  This is where you will learn how to create powerful and persuasive copywriting.
  9. Launch Jacking
    Want to take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch?  Want your product to be on the first page of a Google search?  Here you’ll learn the full details of Launch Jacking from a master of Launch Jacking.
  10. Authority Review Sites
    How to become the Go-To expert everyone trusts their purchases to.  This module focuses on how to make money from becoming an authority in any niche.
  11. Facebook Ads for Affiliates
    Profiting by aligning your products and services with people’s hobbies and interests?  Give the people what they want.  Here, John’s friend, Carlos Cruz, teaches you about using Facebook Ads for affiliate marketing.

Internet Jetset Review – Conclusion

Internet Jetset review has been a blast for me to write and I feel fired up about it all over again!

By all means, absolutely,  jump in and make this your own, too.  As you read, if you keep thinking about my experience, know that you can find your own path into this.  And don’t do this for a few weeks and just give up.  I felt that way, too.  It was familiar, like “Ah, this is the part where it gets hard and I give up.”  I always get to this phase when I start something new.  But now I know it’s “that” phase, and just push through until I get to the “Oh yeah, this is how it works,” phase.  Then things get interesting because money starts pouring into my bank account.

Hope this Internet Jetset review has helped you.  I sincerely wish you great success.  For more info, click on the button below and get started today!

Ever Thought About Selling Books as a Business? The total value of the book publishing industry in the United States is $26 billion. Wouldn’t you like a share of that pie? Zen Arbitrage by Peter Valley can show you how, I purchased the system and you can read my review here.