The Claim

Merlin Holmes will show you how he’s been making $14,444 per day using one simple method that just works and how you can do the exact same thing for yourself.  Just by sending an email to people who visit his weird two-page website.  And you can start earning tonight.

I attended Merlin’s webinar in case you’re too busy, so in this review, I will share what I have learned in his webinar along with the screenshots I took.


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What is 1K a Day Fast Track?

1k a day content hero

1K a Day Fast Track System is a 6-week training program that consists of the following 4 step process:

  1. You Find
  2. You Ask
  3. You Gather
  4. You Get Paid

1k a day fast track 4 step process

Here is the course modules breakdown for each week:

  • Week 1 – 5-Day Marketing Masters Degree and Quick $400 Commissions
  • Week 2 – Setting Up More Commission Accounts, Finding the Right Products and Getting Everything in Place
  • Week 3 – Rapid Development and Deployment of Your First Poll Page
  • Week 4 – Creating Your Automated Seeling Systems
  • Week 5 – Crafting Your First Money Making Ads On My Secret Platforms and Setting Up Your Simple Ad Campaigns
  • Week 6 – Planning Out Your Future Income Streams and Secret Offer Sources


no ad cost


Is 1K a Day Fast Track the Right System for Me?

1K a Day Fast Track System is right for you if you are any of the following:

  • A worker who dislikes the daily 9-to-5 grind, spending hours battling traffic, and/or dislike your boss
  • The inverse is also true, a worker who likes his job, but would like some extra income
  • A homemaker who wants a side hustle when the kids are in school
  • A retiree who is worried about his retirement funds running out of money too soon
  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking new and proven business opportunity with zero risk

who is this for



How Do You Make Money with 1K a Day Fast Track?

In the webinar, Merlin makes it very clear that he doesn’t teach people how to make money, but he teaches people how to make money running a real internet business.  He also claims that you might have engaged in one of his businesses, but you wouldn’t know it because of his unique marketing methods.

To prove his point, Merlin shows a list of his online businesses back in 2013.  As you can see, there are some homerun businesses and some that are making a few thousand dollars.  This is the same system Merlin will be imparting to you so you can start making money.

Merlin's business sales figure


After 14 years of marketing experience, Merlin figured out that getting someone’s email address in the right way is the key to success and profits on the internet.  In addition, you have to send the right email to the right person at the right time, and that’s the easiest and fastest way to become a millionaire online according to Merlin.  This is achievable working a few hours a day and you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars before you see results.


getting right email addresses


The simple system is predicated on email marketing.  For the people who do not know what email marketing is, here’s a simple definition from Merlin:

Email marketing is building a list of building a targeted list of email subscribers and offering them products and services that they’re likely to purchase.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

According to Merlin, email marketing is very much alive and well.  Merlin goes on to show some stats in 2019:

  • Active email accounts to hit 5.6 billion
  • 99% of email users check their email every single day
  • More than 50% of U.S. email users check their personal emails more than 10 times a day
  • Estimated $350 million will be spent on email marketing

Based on those numbers, it very much looks like email marketing is sticking around.


email marketing stats

Advantages to Email Marketing

There are numerous advantages to email marketing compare to other methods.  Here are the advantages:

  • Cheapest way to market your product (if done right)
  • High ROI (return on investment)
  • Easiest path to profitability and huge fortune due to high return


So to make money, you have to build a highly relevant email list and promote the products to the customers at the right time.  That’s pretty much it, that is Merlin’s core secret!  At this point, you have 2 options:

  • Learn everything about email marketing and spend additional money on trial and errors to see what works
  • Or Merlin can import to you the 3 big secrets when you invest in his system

Below are Merlin’s 3 big secrets that he will reveal when you invest in 1k a Day Fast Track:

  • Secret #1, Easy List Building:  How to build a huge email list without creating a product, content or having to figure anything out yourself
  • Secret #2, Get Paid:  How to get paid to build your email list and get paid again for years after, think passive income
  • Secret #3, Hidden Traffic Goldmines: How to bring in 500-1,000 or more new email addresses per day without paying a dime to Facebook or Google ads


3 secrets

Why Do You Want a Huge Email List?

This all comes down to statistics or a numbers game.  Imagine you have a list of 1,000 email users and you know the product you are promoting is around 10% conversion rate.  That means about 100 users will convert to customers.  Image each customer is willing to pay $100 for the product.  You just netted $10,000 on a simple email.

Let’s take it one step further, now imagine your email list is 10,000 with the same math.  1,000 customers will convert, you just netted $100,000.

Here are some profit screenshots from one of the many companies Merlin owns using the email method with a huge email list:

clickbank commission

How is 1K A Day Fast Track Different?

In this next part, Merlin goes over some against the grain thinking that might make you ponder:

  • Do not follow your passion
  • Do not give away free content in exchange for an email


wrong steps

Instead, step 1 is to find out what people are buying instead of interested in buying.

How Do You Find out What People are Buying?

You can find out what consumers are buying with various paid tools, but the free method Merlin went over is looking at Clickbank product data.  Clickbank is free to sign up and displays sales metric in all of their products.  This is how you find what people are buying.  All the market research has been done for you via Clickbank.  So step 1 is done, we found out what people are buying.


what people are buying



Step 2 is to find out how the vendor is promoting the product.

how vendor are promoting products



Step 3, write down the headline that’s working.

write down headline



Step 4, turn the headline into a question.

headline to question



Step 5, Merlin introduces his secret list building poll template to bring in the massive number of email addresses.  He also notes that he spent over $50,000 in building and testing this particular template.

poll template


Below is a screenshot on the performance of the poll page.  About 69% of the users converted on that page.  That’s quite impressive.

poll page performance


Niche Idea for Products: Merlin mentioned that education is a huge marketplace and poll pages are highly effective in converting your users to customers.  Other categories that poll pages work great are politics, games, and/or spirituality.

Through creating poll pages like the one above, you will eventually end up with a large email list.  You will then send targeted products to their emails and convert them into paying customers.  Getting you paid is actually step 6 of this process.  The system is rather simple and straight forward.


To re-iterate Merlin’s 1K a Day Fast Track System:

  • Step 1: Find out what people are buying instead of interested in buying
  • Step 2: Find out how the vendor is promoting the product
  • Step 3: Write down the headline that is currently working
  • Step 4: Turn the headline into a question
  • Step 5: Use Merlin’s secret list building poll page to build your email list
  • Step 6: Send emails with targeted products to convert your users to customers and get pay!


The beauty of this system is that it is automated.  Once you set it up once, the system will continually send emails to your customers.  Potentially, your email list will continue to grow and you’ll continue to make more money.  After your first product, you can move on to the next product and the next.  Do you see how easily we can scale this?

easy money cycle


How Much Can I Make Per Month With Each Email?

In Merlin’s presentation, he had a slide that shows how much you can potentially make per month.  It averages out to $1 per email.  If you have 1,000 email users, you should be making $1,000 per month according to Merlin.  Goes without saying, as your email list grows, your monthly income will grow higher and higher.  Here’s the slide below:

how much is an email worth


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How Much Money Can I Make Per Day?

As the headline of this webinar has suggested, you can potentially make $14,444 or more per day.  To be realistic, you will probably not make $14,444 on day one.  Merlin broke down the math for us if the system only worked 50%, 25%, 10%, or 1% of the time.  The numbers are still rather impressive even at 1%.  I could work with an extra $144.40 per day.

Here’s the math:

  • If 1K a Day Fast Track Worked at 50% – $7,222 per day
  • 25% – $3,611 per day
  • 10% – $1,444 per day
  • 1% – $1,44.40 per day

1k a day fast track pay scale


How to Generate Free or Cheap Traffic With 1K A Day Fast Track?

Merlin does not recommend buying traffic from the big three ad networks, namely Google, Facebook, and Bing.  Instead, he recommends smaller ad networks such as RevContent because they are usually 90% cheaper and just as good.  Here’s a slide on a successful RevContent campaign that Merlin ran:

revcontent campaign


How to Write Ads With 1K a Day Fast Track?

In order to get traffic to your poll pages, you’ll need enticing ads to get users to click on it.  Merlin again to the rescue.  He assures us that you don’t need to be an excellent writer to achieve this.  We basically take what is currently working and duplicate it in the ads.  In the earlier example of the Clickbank product, we just use their image and content for our ads.  Again, very simple.

write ads



Why Should I Choose 1K a Day Fast Track?

From the webinar, here are the advantages Merlin promised:

  • No Products You Need to Carry
  • No Clients You Need to Take On or Find
  • No Fancy Technology Needed
  • No Office
  • No Employees
  • Best of All, No Selling
  • Work Anywhere
  • Require Only a Few Hours of Your Day – Mainly Checking Everything is Functioning and Working
  • The System will Work for Businesses of Any Size, Sector, and Industry

After his few hours of work, Merlin gets to walk away, spend time with his family and his wife. Merlin isn’t chained to his desk.  Ultimately, he wants to share his technique with you so that you can do the same.


Is 1K a Day Fast Track a Scam?

I am very glad that Merlin touched upon this point.  In one part of the webinar, he addresses just that.  1K a Day Fast Track is not a get rich quick scheme.  To quote in Merlin’s webinar:

Get rich quick doesn’t exist. It’s a fallacy. It’s a lie. This is make money smart… – Merlin Holmes

Furthermore, Merlin stresses the fact that he’s here to help you make money in an intelligent manner combine with low risk.  There’s no way you can make millions without putting at least some work and effort into it.

You have to be willing to do some work and the work are not that difficult, but you have to follow the system and be persistent about it.


1k a day not a scam


Merlin also list out conditions for joining the 1K a Day Fast Track System.  If any of the rules are broken, Merlin has the right to ban or revoke the user from using the system:

Rule #1:  You Must Follow the System

Rule #2:  You Must Agree to Run an Ethical Business

Rule #3:  You Must Work With Merlin’s Vetted Vendors (because they are vetted and tested)

Rule #4:  This is a Limited Opportunity and Merlin Reserves the Right to Deny Access to Anyone Who Does Not Follow the Rules

1k a day fast track rules


Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is an internet marketer and business owner for 14 years.  He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.  In his webinar, he claims to be making 9 figures in profit.  He has generated more than $150 million in the last 14 years.  He also consulted multi-million to billion-dollar companies on his unique system.


merlin holmes


Below is a screenshot of his Wells Fargo personal account:

Merlin Holmes bank account


He has deposited over $1.3 million in the last 90 days, which averages out to be $14,444 per day with no products, no clients, no fancy technology, no office or employees, and no selling.

To further build his credibility, Merlin showed a graph on one of his companies’ monthly financial performance.  This one particular company netted approximately $394K at the end of the month.  Not too shabby in my opinion.


financial performance


Merlin is upfront and humble about his background.  He does not claim to be a marketing guru or the greatest in the world.  He does not teach, Merlin likes to roll up his sleeves and actually do the work.  He’s more of a do’er than just a teacher compare to other gurus out there.


not a guru


To this day, because he enjoys his work so much, he continues to work at his various online businesses at home.  His wife brings him lunch every day and his work stops around 3pm when his kids get off from the school bus.  Merlin wants to be with his kids before they grow up too quickly.  That’s the kind of parent that he wants to be. He wants to take vacations with his family and he would like you to do that as well.  Not because you have the money, but because you have the time to do so.  Do remember, no money in this world can buy back your time.  Second to that, freedom.

This is what the system can provide to you, flexibility and freedom that no regular jobs can do for you.  Below is a picture of Merlin’s home office.


Merlin's home office

Merlin’s Education and Origin Story

Merlin went through the traditional education system like most of you did.  High school then to college.  He tried 5 different majors and none of them was right for him.  In addition, he would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars every year just to continue to go to school.  He was extremely disenfranchised from the whole experience.  Eventually, he dropped out.


drop out college


In 2004, Merlin then tried his luck on networking marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM).  Companies were selling expensive seminars and personal development programs and to Merlin, it seemed like a good package and a good deal.  He believed he can make some money with said programs.  Do remember this is 2004, Merlin was putting ads in newspapers, answer calls, and reading a script.  He followed the system, but he felt like a broke used car salesman.  On top of that, the system was simply too complex.


used car sales man

Merlin’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

The system was sold to Merlin as a simple system, but that is far from the truth.  It was incredibly complex.  The system involves selling the company’s products over the phone, running ads in newspapers, going to events, hosting seminars, and much more.  There were too many moving parts and just didn’t make sense.  It was like a maze that Merlin could never get to the middle of, he could never get to the end.  Eventually, he figured it out but not in the traditional sense.




So Merlin then set out on a journey to create simple systems that have proven to work for him over and over again.  During this part of the webinar, he uses an analogy of would you rather wash your clothes one piece at a time by hand or would you rather put it into a washing machine.  Most people would choose the washing machine.

That’s exactly what Merlin had set out to do.  To create a simple machine that will do the job for you by using the power of automation, electricity, and machinery.  You can take pieces of clothing, put them in the machine, press the button and presto in 30 minutes.  You have a fresh load of laundry that you then put in the dryer, but you didn’t have to do the backbreaking work.  And that is what Merlin started figuring out.


Merlin's simple system


He ditched his old system.  He stopped making calls.  He stopped running expensive newspaper ads.  He simply created a system that has worked for him.  To test his new system en masse, he built a website.  Merlin with his sense of humor did admit it’s probably one of the ugliest websites in 2005.  He spent about $50 and now his business can reach anyone in the world.  He created his first online business.


first website


The ugly website that Merlin created back in 2005 generated $20,000 a month and steadily grew from there.  Within 5 years, he got married, had kids, and bought his dream home up in the mountains of Colorado.  He created his first eight-figure business in a matter of 5 years.  Not too shabby in my opinion.


Merlin's Colorado home



He is especially proud of the fact that he can help regular people gain financial freedom.  It’s been life-changing for Merlin and his family that he’s able to change people’s lives for the better and be free from this financial prison.  In the next section, let’s look at what Merlin’s students have to say about the system.



*** Results May Vary ***

testimonials 1


testimonial 2


How Much is 1K a Day Fast Track System?

Before Merlin gave us the investment price for 1K a Day Fast Track System, he wanted to give us a perspective on how much the true value of the system is.  With Merlin’s consulting fee, software testing, designers, programmers, and advertising spent on testing, the true value comes to $307,500.

value of 1k a day fast track


Again Merlin puts $307,500 in perspective for us.  That’s about the price to get an education to become a doctor. Of course, we all know we can’t afford that amount for a system.  Merlin then poses another question, would you buy his website for $25,000?  Most people would still say no, but he worked out the math for us and it’s quite lucrative.  $7,000 per week, $28,000 per month, and $336,000 per year.

would you pay


At this point, Merlin discusses what the right investment price point should be, he started at $9,995, then $4,995, then $2,995 and finally he settled on $997.

1k a day price


With your investment of $997, you’ll also get the bonus on full access to all of Merlin’s page templates:

bonus 1 - access to all Merlin's Poll Page template


In addition, you’ll also get a 2nd bonus on Merlin’s Secret Thank You Page “Cash Generator Script”:

bonus 2 cash generator script


3rd bonus, Merlin’s proven money-making email sequences:

bonus 3 - money making email sequencces


4th bonus, Titan of Traffic Software to get you generating traffic to your poll pages:

titan of traffic


5th bonus, access to Merlin’s Media Buying Experts if you have any questions on paid traffic:

Media Buying Experts


and much much more, read below for all bonuses included in 1K a Day Fast Track System.


What do I Get for My Investment in 1K a Day Fast Track?

To reiterate in one concise location, this is what you get for your $997 investment in 1K a Day Fast Track valued at $:

  • 1K a Day Fast Track Secret #1: Easy List Building – How to Build High Conversion Email List Page Without a Product
  • 1K a Day Fast Track Secret #2: Get Paid – How to Get Paid From Your Email List
  • 1K a Day Fast Track Secret #3: Hidden Traffic Goldmines – How to Get 500 to 1,000 Emails a Day on Cheap Traffic Source
  • Bonus: Merlin Holmes Simple 7 Minute Trick – Produces $400 Commissions Without Any Ad Traffic
  • Bonus: High Conversion Email Templates – the Same Email Templates that Merlin Uses to Make Money
  • Bonus: Download Access to All Poll Page Templates – Merlin has Spent Thousands of Dollars on Testing the Right Combination to Yield High Conversions for These Pages
  • Bonus: Secret Thank You Page “Cash Generator Script” – this is the secret script Merlin have used over and over again to generate cash flow into his business
  • Bonus: Proven Money Making Email Sequences – Merlin’s proven email sequences to get users to convert to paying customers
  • Bonus: Titan of Traffic – This bonus will help you generate free or cheap high relevant traffic to your poll pages so you can start building your email list
  • Bonus: Access to Merlin’s Media Buying Experts
  • Bonus: Phone Consultation with Merlin Himself (requires you to be in the live webinar, sign up here)
  • Bonus: Extra Login – so you can share with your spouse, best friends, or partners
  • Bonus: Secret Personal Bonus Overnight to Your Door – In the webinar, Merlin said it’s a secret
  • Full Refund Anytime in the Next 30 Days, Zero Risk to You

1k a day fast track system complete package



Merlin has engineered every aspect of the 1K a Day Fast Track System to shortcut your success.  So that you won’t have to spend any time figuring everything out. Merlin’s already done the hard part of the work for you so that you don’t have to.

He is also adamant about there will be work involved.  The advantage is that you can work at any time that is convenient for you.  At a minimum, you’ll have to dedicate at least a few hours a week to see success in this system.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich smart scheme.

In the webinar, Merlin has laid out the strategy for free if you want to go alone at it or you can use his system to shortcut all the mistakes, heartaches, money, and most importantly time-wasted on reinventing the wheel.  It’s all there in the system, the poll pages, the ads, the email sequences, and the traffic.

Merlin poses this question a lot in his webinar, “Why not invest in yourself?”  I couldn’t agree more regardless if 1K a Day Fast Track System is right for you or not.  Why not give this system a try for the next 30 days?  If it’s not for you, simply ask for a full refund before your 30 day ends.

In the webinar, I like how Merlin identify whether his system is a scam or not.  From what I can tell, it’s not.  He then dives right into his strategy, which you can follow for free without investing in his system, but you’ll get a big shortcut if you use his system.  Lastly, there are a ton of bonuses for your investment which I’m quite surprised.  Typically I see 1 to 3 bonuses in webinars such as this.  There are 8 with this system.  I hope my review has educated you on what 1K a Day Fast Track System is.  If you still want to attend Merlin’s webinar, you can sign up below or check out my other reviews on passive income systems.


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